Author: taracrabbe

How the Project Came About

The clarity of Kazantzakis’ vision speaks to an intellectual or pragmatic human being in equal measure. His work shows a moment in time that anyone can dive into; a fact that became abundantly clear one damp October evening in London, St Pancras International where I met Dr Lewis Owens, one of the leading academics on the work of Kazantzakis, and spoke to him of The Canting Crew’s latest experiences delving into the space between audience and actor, and evolving work that was to take place in that gap. As I went on to describe our interest in looking directly into the abyss to find our growing work; the more uncomfortable elements of humanity that most human beings prefer to look away from until the last moments of death; it resounded for Lewis, an organic exploration of the fundamental parts of life, encapsulated in the form of Kazantzakis’ previously unexplored Comedy. Thus the seeds were born to stage a production that brought the highest philosophical elements of Existentialism down to earth in the most realistic and human of ways, by actors trained to speak out uncomfortable truths, with intimacy and awareness. Continue reading